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About Work

The act of seeing begins at the juncture after the complete image of the painting is
presented to the eye. The coalescence is revealed through the elements within the
frame emerging to formulate the pictorial accord.

The significance of the imagery lies in the incident monochrome space envisaging the
extent brought forth through the elemental forms. The hues assume an intrinsic mass
that disintegrates the space. Though these shapes are without a symbolic meaning,
they have borne an impact. The divisions are fundamentally the derivatives of circle,
triangle and square resulting in diametric polygons with a perspective. The part-areas
are painted with sfumato technique that lends an ethereal effect upon the sharply
dividing edges keeping the parts bound rather distinct like the cut-outs. The polygons
have been designed to have a heterogenous gestalt effect of recession and procession,
inclusion, and exclusion and in lateral multifarious directions. The emanating
appearance of the directional space due to the interplay of the divisions is an impact of
the colouration process comprised of balance – equilibrium, opposition – tensity, thus
created is a dialogue in visuals.

The heavy mass of the colour provides a sensation of depth, while the lighter hue allows
the vision to dispense beyond the scope of the pictorial definition. The image
transcends from being mere appearance within the picture frame to becoming of a form
that responds to the sensory experience through constriction and expansion; deep
mysticism to enlightened harmony, resound to reverberation. The experience is of
complaisance and tranquillity.

Our Mission

Pioneered by two women, Founder & Director Mrs Kavita Bhandari & Pranali Harpude, Vesavar was founded from the Sanskrit word vēśavārah, known as Artist. While Mrs Bhandari handles all the operations of Vesavar, she is also on the road to empowering the automobile industry by being the Co-Director of Pune’s leading Automobile dealership- B. U. Bhandari. Where Kavita Bhandari is an art lover collecting various paintings and sculptures, Mrs Pranali Harpude is an artist and art curator.

The perfect blend of art lover and artist is what makes Vesavar special and unique. With their similar interests in art, they aim to craft more innovative artworks and creations and design a platform where artists get to explore new opportunities for the things they love.

As a leading international art gallery representing some of the most influential contemporary artists and estates worldwide, Vesavar supports them in sharing their visionary work with audiences globally by remaining at the forefront of innovation.

That’s what we aim for; to represent artists of a diverse generation and give them global coverage.

Our History

Back in 2001, Baltimore was one gritty city when it came to highest ethical standards and practices.

1965 - 1988

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2000 - 2009

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Our Value

Vesavar Art Studio values commitment. When expressing and working with artists, we deal with their emotions, goals and ideas.

Our Aim

Our aim is to work with artists and in art spaces where the exchange of beautiful ideas takes place., leading to artistic growth, empathy and new understandings.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to create a platform for emerging and established artists across the country. We aim to create a space for the business of art to be more efficient, giving you the time and space to do the things you love. Whether that’s creating more artwork, discovering new opportunities and artists, growing your collection, or simply getting organised. We future-proof your systems, coordinate your marketing and modernise your business. By simplifying and streamlining your systems we save you time and money. In the gallery, the studio or at art fairs, you’re always able to easily and elegantly organise, manage and share.

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