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Subrata Paul

Ihave been acquainted with the clay modeling since Iwas 6/7 years old. Along with drawing, there is a lot of love for making clay sculptures. Later, Ihad the little opportunity to study sculpture at the Art College. From the very beginning, the rhythm of the various activities of the daily life of man and animal has been the subject of my work. I try to present the rhythm of their form a bit like my own. I always think my work is enjoyable. Standing in front of my work should make the audience feel a little happier. That’s why my work is so simple and realistic. As a medium I am mainly working in bronze and a mixture of wood and bronze. After selecting the subject, I select the medium. Medium is an important issue for me. In the case of mixed medium work, my goal is to create two mediums as a single shape by weaving metal threads. My goal is to create a molded shape by weaving plates of different textures in the same sculpture.

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