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Abhinav Kafare is an artist and photographer. A graduate in fine arts and former
advertisement designer, Abhinav runs an art collective called Bade Moochwale. He has
mastered parallel forms of art like painting and photography and has several feathers in his
cap, when it comes to visual arts. He seeks newness in the process of creating art and finds
life in not knowing how his art will be perceived.
From fine art to photography, he has mastered several mediums and harnesses each of them
with a certain flair and charisma. Abhinav thinks that ‘every work of art is a political
statement’. His photography is known for his intense yet sensitive characterisation of the
human body and its interactions with the world around it.
Abhinav had his multisensory exhibition ‘हारlequin’ at Darpan Art gallery, Pune and
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in Feb 2023. The exhibition was well appreciated in the field
for its novel and contemporary approach towards visual art.

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