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Harshada kolapkar


I, Harshada Arvind Kolapkar an artist. I am currently resides in the city of Pune. I have completed my art studies at L.S. Raheja school of Art, Mumbai in the year 1999 and Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya  Pune in the year 2000.


The Beauty of the nature inspires my intangible work. Konkan, a region blessed with nature in its most beautiful form, according to my experience inspires my work of art. I always portray what I experienced in Konkan, village of India.

The blue and pure sea, the gentle mountain ranges and a nature clad with divine and vibrant colours attracts me as an artist. The creation of nature is itself exciting.

                 When I look at my paintings, I get the beautiful feeling of nature. Viewers should get  the same experience and happiness.

I am inspired by Indian Costal region, Fisher women, nature and their cultures.

Also, I would like to mention about my idols paining styles that are inspirations for me. Such as Prabhbakar Kolte sir, Prabhakar Barve, Vasudev Gaitonde. Lakshman Shrestha,

               I like Acrylic colours as a medium to express my feelings and to explore the various possibilities of coloring which I expect.

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