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Lakshman Chavan


My work is inspired by Indian sculptures. It also has a sculpture of Khajuraho and a fresco painting of Ajanta. This is my own style of painting. Buddha is the main subject of my art. It is reflected in the colors and lines of my works. The silent pain that captures the human mind in the conscious and subconscious is as permanent as the seasonal changes in nature. The certainty of the breath and the emotional consciousness of the blood flowing through the veins surround the man in the moment of silence and bring him into the realm of understanding and knowledge. This process comes alive through the climax of emotionality – ‘Swayavedan’. A deep understanding of anything gives ultimate spiritual happiness. One can reach here only through spiritual experience. That is what opens up the vast universe of knowledge and aesthetic experience.
Self-feeling is an emotional feeling, a silent pain that runs parallel to the breath in the mind. And the conscious realization of his pain widens the aperture to the universe of understanding. Swayavendan is related to the emotional transfer of elements like line, color and shape towards the self-experience of the shift of your dreams to pure creation.

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