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Manish Sharma


Sometimes locations haunt people; these places need not necessarily be attached to the personal lives of the concerned people. But when a place becomes an obsession because it has a lot to do with a person’s private life we call it nostalgia. Often the idea of nostalgia is evoked as a part of a person’s or a community’s strong intentions to escape from the oppressive present and take refuge in the memories of a golden past. In this sense, nostalgia is a retrogressive term. However, the same notion of nostalgia could be a part of the political thinking of a creative person who uses the same faculty, the ability to delve deep into the nostalgic thoughts in order to structure and organize an idea of wellness, progress and sustainable life of the human beings against which the contemporary deterioration of the same could be tested, analysed and rectified using enlightened political will. Seen from the perspective of an artist, structuring such forms that evoke this political nostalgia is one of the possible ways of generating a socio-cultural and political critique.

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