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Pandit Khairnar


What we humans perceive and thus an illusion of what is real, becomes our fuel to express ourselves.

It is said that singing “Megh Malhar” makes it rain with its inherent power! It is through the expression of the abstract, the real becomes visible!

There’s nothing more beautiful than our passion for expression. We have our limitations of a certain kind, but then we turn them into our strengths to proceed further in a direction of clarity.

What’s Simple is really complex! And this becomes possible for us is only through our consistent efforts.

What would emerge becomes visible only at a later stage, though one begins with this sense of something that’s only abstract in form. This becomes real to us only when it manifests into something cognitive but not necessarily a mirror image of what’s visible to the naked eye.

Art for me is an emotional response of my perception. Nature is always stable with its properties, but the visible changes are only outer. It is also a complete union of what I understand as a medium, matter, idea and intention of forming a harmonious relation, a narrative and human expression!

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