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Pavan Kavitkar

My name is Pavan Kavitkar, I am an artist and art educator currently based in Nashik, Maharashtra. I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai, India in 2014 and Master of Fine Arts from Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, W.B., India in 2017.
My art practice reflects the accumulated clusters of my experience of shifts and changes in the natural and urban space while relocating from one place to another in search of work, home, and artistic identity. In my career, I strive to engage with these observations, experiences and anecdotes and I try to narrate them through a visual story while referring to a combination of visual language I have developed in reference to the characteristics of Indian miniature painting of 17-19 century and the middle-class urban architecture.
Having an affinity for sharing knowledge and experiences, I have also facilitated various workshops on traditional techniques such as wash painting, paper making, drawing in schools and colleges. For me, the process of exchanging ideas and experiences helps me to better understand my own perception and to question it in the context of the current time, space, and situation in which we are living and evolving.
I also view artistic creation as a process of self-discovery and satisfaction, and it is therefore vital for artists to observe the world around them. As an observer, I am highly by nature and its portraiture motivates me throughout my artworks. 
As an artist I am deeply interested in subtleties, like collecting objects. Keeping them with me, finding an emotional connect with them gives me great satisfaction. My works are embedded with a number of such memories, objects and instances. My works show simple straight way of living with tranquil compositions and minimalistic semantic, and an extreme detailed approach towards some aspects. By dwelling into my painting for some time, I want viewer to reach out to the small observations that I have meticulous depicted somewhere at the corner of my works; these are very ordinary yet sensitive details where the viewer would find the emotional connection between the work and me. My works are narrative, connecting with reminiscences that depict my story. I immerse into this narration, being a person who speaks less. But when you see my works it feels like i want to speak, lot of things and I am comfortable speaking with the visual language.
Since a decade now I have been migrating from one city to another, shifting my space
(mental as well as physical); my oeuvre evolves with the understanding of these spaces. My work mostly focuses on the urban surroundings which explore and transform the psycho- physical space in social and political context in contemporary situation. The works here pronounce my journey and observations starting from my academic practice till the recent series mirroring the impact of Covid-19.

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